Blue Flower



Have you ever had a dream that you wanted to reach?

Have you ever had a goal you didn’t think you could touch?

Did you listen too closely to others around you?

Were you told it wasn’t possible so you didn’t even try?

Were you so afraid of failing that you chose not to attempt it?

Did you push what you wished for into a corner?


Open your eyes..

Look into yourself…

Recognize your potential…

See what’s hidden inside…


Let your judgment of yourself decide.

Let your failures assist in your success.

Let the words of others help you to prevent demise.

Let your child-like mind be free to roam.

Let your vision become reality.

Let your mind free from others control.


Allow yourself to be amazed.

Believe in what you think can be possible.

Reach as high as you need to reach your dream.

Work as hard as you can to touch your goal.

You are your only real barrier.


People may laugh at you.

People may criticize you.

Let your mind see why others are where they are.


People may say things you don’t want to hear.

People may say you don’t listen.

Let your understanding surprise.


People may show you things you don’t want to see.

People may say you are blind.

Let your vision unlock the secrets your mind wants to share with you.


People will be people.

They do not see what is in your mind.

They are locked within their own walls.




The only person who allows you to be you is you.

Free yourself of the masks you have learned to wear.

Don’t allow others to rebuild the barriers you remove.

Be who you want to be, not what you think others would like you to be.


It is hard to deny what others want to share.

They offer thoughts freely to prevent your despair.

These words may be truthful and very insightful.

Weigh them carefully.

You will have to be the one to decide.


You are still the only one who can see what is inside.

You are the only one with the full picture stored within.

Whatever you decide to do, it is your choice.



You can do anything to which you set your mind.